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Chayya thanki

Shree chatterjee
Shree (pronounced as Shrey or Shreeeee, as you prefer) has been a radio presenter with Unity 101 since 2006, and […]

Sana Layla Khawaja
Sana Layla Khawaja is an active and ambitious Urdu speaking radio broadcaster. She is interested in talking on the topics […]

Chhaya Karoda
Chayya is a volunteer who presents shows in Hindi. Her show consists of reviews of latest technology and discussions as […]

Nisha Rajguru
Nisha Rajguru co-presents a Gujarati show called Jhankar along with Mrs Manjula Master and Manisha. Her show includes a range […]

Aryana Vashisht
Aryana is a keen and published writer, writing articles for magazines including online magazines Aryana is a classically trained singer, […]

Manisha Shukla
Manisha is a volunteer at Unity 101 who has presented programmes in Hindi in the past. She is now part […]

Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh,everyone fondly call him “Manaa da Deep”. He is a huge fan of Punjabi music as through this he […]

Afzul Sumra
Afzul has been presenting Saturday Sport between 4pm-6pm along with Adrian Scott from 2013. He’s a passionate sports fan with […]

Adrian Scott
Adrian has been presenting Saturday Sport between 2 & 4pm along with Afzul Sumra. He loves watching sports and in […]

Abanti Mukhopadhyay
Abanti is the Bengali presenter of the very popular monthly magazine radio show, Chayer Aadda with Shre. Abanti holds a […]

Sandhya Banerjee