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Shree chatterjee

Shree (pronounced as Shrey or Shreeeee, as you prefer) has been a radio presenter with Unity 101 since 2006, and currently presents a music cum chat show in Bengali called Chayer Adda with his co-host Abanti. Cha – means tea and Adda means chit chat, which Bengali’s love a lot and hence the name of the show. The topics for chats are varied and ranges between discussing about bengali actors such as Uttam Kumar, Soumitra Chattopadhyay to personal experiences about supernatural events to love. The show is enriched by callers who speak about their thoughts live on air. All the chats/discussions are supported by some bengali heritage music such as Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, folk songs such as Baul and Bhatiyali along with latest Bengali film music.

Apart from presenting radio shows on Unity 101, Shre is a full time researcher in Signal processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning related subjects. He also enjoys films and food from different parts of the world. In his own words “I like to explore and am an active believer in learning from different cultures. Perhaps that’s why I like films from different countries (e.g. Run lola run (Germany), Pedro Aldomovar films (Spanish, such as High heels, All about my mother etc.), The return (Russian) and so many more)”.