Two Camels and a Pelican?! In Southampton?!

Two Camels and a Pelican?! In Southampton?!

Saturday the 11th of May at 2pm

by on Sunday 5th May 2019 at 12:47pm

David McDiarmid has been creating - for the past few weeks - a mother camel, a baby boy camel, and a gender neutral pelican, while using only cardboard. Many of the Unity 101 presenters have enjoyed talking to David while he's been creating these wonderful works of art. During this period, we've asked everyone to give the mother camel a name, and the baby camel boy a name. Now, we have the addition of our wonderful pelican!

Below is a list of names, we would be most grateful if you could vote for your favourite one from the list below and give us an email back!

The names are:

Mother Camel:
1. Mabel
2. Rano
3. Sona
4. Basanti
5. Deborah
6. Habibi
7. Hera
8. Chamelie

Baby Boy Camel
1. Jeeto
2. Gublu
3. Albert Pinto
4. Ekon
5. Marhaba
6. Mike
7. Pehhg
8. Chikoo

We don't have a name for the pelicans but, this is your chance to suggest a name! The usual rules and regulations still apply. No offensive names please!

As well as that, consider this email a cordial invitation for you and your guests to come and visit on the launch of this work of art on Saturday the 11th of May, at 2pm! Please join us for a glass of wine and nibbles! The address is Unity 101 Community Radio, 107 St Mary's Road, Southampton, S014 OAN.

Hope to see you there!