Unity Arts

Unity Arts

Share your story of home with Unity Arts

Unity Arts is looking for local people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to share stories & memories of home - whatever that means to you.

We want to make exhibitions about our local communities, local people at the new Unity Arts studio and we are looking for inspiration from you.

Join us and you will get to meet & work with local and nationally known artists, enjoy VIP visits to Southampton art galleries & museums, and make your own creative presentation based on your experiences.

It will all come together in an exhibition at Unity 101 where we will celebrate your stories with friends, family and the general public.

It may be a story about childhood memories, your journey to England, the art, craft, food or music of your culture. It might be a joyful story, or tell a more difficult tale.

We will use personal existing, such as suit cases, items of clothing, bric a brac, photography, videos to tell your story, or together we might make special pieces inspired by your stories.

This project is FREE to participate.

Unity Arts curator Catherine Wright, a local artist and facilitator of creative projects. She will work with you to realise your the stories and support you in finding creative ways to present them in our exhibition.

Are you excited by the wonderful project? Send an email to catherine@unity101.org or call Unity studio 02380 23 50 55 or pop into the studio at 107 St. Mary’s Road Southampton, Hampshire, S014 OAN..

Join in conversation with Catherine on her HOME PORT blog - you can keep up with the story of the project there unityartssouthampton.wordpress....

This is a pilot project for 6 months, starting 1st November 2016, focusing on the Caribbean, Punjabi and Pakistani communities. Based on the successful outcome of this work, we will hope to expand the project in 2017 to embrace other communities.

This project is, funded by Arts Council England and supported Culture Southampton plus West Itchen Community Trust