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Amar, Akbar, Tony… and Natalie!

Amar, Akbar, Tony… and Natalie!

Presenter Natalie attends the UK premiere of Amar Akbar & Tony

Amar, Akbar & Tony is a coming-of age comedy set in present-day London which tells the story of three childhood friends Amar (Rez Kempton), Akbar (Sam Vincenti) and Tony (Martin Delaney).

Natalie attended the film’s UK premiere where she interviewed Director, Atul Malhotra, for Unity 101’s Drivetime show. Natalie said: “At most film premieres, I’m nervous, but this time, because I knew them, I felt really proud. The turnout was great, really busy and it was the best organised movie premiere I’ve been to in London.

“I like the film. As it’s British, I thought it would be more serious but there are a lot of dream sequences, which we’re not quite used to in British independent film, but we are used to in Bollywood. So it’s an interesting meshing together of Bollywood and London style.

“People should definitely go and watch it.”

And the excitement didn’t stop there for Natalie as she went on to the exclusive after party where guests were entertained by Brit Asian, Bhangra & hip hop blends spun by DJs Rishi Rich, Juggy D and Shujat Ali Khan.

Here’s the link to Natalie’s interview with Atul Malhotra. Scroll through to 1:29:00 podcast.canstream.co.uk/unity1…

See Natalie’s photos from the event facebook.com/media/set/?set=a…. ‘Like’ her page to be kept up to date with her adventures or follow her on Twitter @NatBollywood.

Pictured: Natalie with Director, Atul Malhotra. Photo credit: in image