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Bhoomi Band at Unity 101 Radio

We are delighted to havein our Chayer Adda 6th October 2019 show. We had an exclusive interview with the key members of Bhoomi. This hugely popular fusion rock band is busy performing all over the world.

 Bhoomi (literally means earth) is a Bengali urban folk music group based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Formed in 1999, it soon become hugely popular and performed in various local, national and international platforms. In July 2006 they performed at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.  They have also performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2008.

The band’s efforts have been to expand their brand of urban music beyond the college campus and youth circuit to the older listeners. One of their main inspirations behind their music is everyday city life, which they experience and which is experienced by so many people everywhere.

Their popularity is rooted in a unique sound that combines a variety of traditional folk tunes with an array of western rhythms with western instrumentation and mixed harmoniously with Bengal’s folk instruments like the Khamak, Ektara, Khonjoni, etc.

Their current line-up includes 5 band members –

Soumitra Ray – Songwriter, Composer, Lead vocals, Drums, Congas, Bongos and Percussion

Hemanto Goswami – Acoustic, Electric Guitar and backing vocalist

Abhijit Ghosh – Bass Guitar and backing vocals

Robin Lai – Keyboards, Violin, Harmonium and also the sound engineer of the band

Arjyesh Ray – Drums

Official Website: https://www.bhoomiband.com/members

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