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Bigos – Hunters Stew

The Polish love to pickle food. Polish pickled cucumbers are different from the traditional pickles you may be used to: a little bitter, with a lot of dill, similar to Kosher-styled pickles.

The cucumbers have been marinated for a few days and have a different flavour profile, with less acidity than those that have been marinated for longer. They are called ogórek małosolny, which literally means “low-salt cucumber.” There is also kiszona kapusta, which is literally sauerkraut, which may seem strange and appear odd due to the method of preparation, which involves stepping on the ingredients in a barrel similar to wine.

But Bigos – is a thick soup, sometimes translated as “hunter’s stew”, it is made with various minced meats, sauerkraut, and fresh chopped cabbage and the previously mentioned pickled items. The recipe does change from house to house as most recipes do. But at the very core, Bigos is a national favourite.

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