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Our top 8 facts about Bangladesh!

Easily one of the most underrated countries in the world with beautiful scenery and beautiful people with golden hearts to match! Here’s our top 8 fun facts about Bangladesh!

1. The Indian national anthem was first written in Bangla. Originally written in Bangla, it’s the very first of 5 stanzas of a poem written and later set to notations with the aid of using Rabindranath Tagore.

2. People sacrificed their lives for this language. In 1952, the human beings of Bangladesh shed blood and gave lives to make certain they may communicate this language and continue their language. UNESCO declared on the 21st of February as International Mother Language Day in 1999 to honour this movement.

3. Bangla is the 7th most spoken language! You’ll hear Bangla all around the streets of India and even outside of India!

4. Bangla is an honorary official language in Sierra Leone. This country, a long way away from the original birthplace of the language, but, regardless it is recognised in West Africa. In 2002. Just keep in mind that it is only honorary!

5. Grandchild of Sanskrit and Magadhi Prakrit. A lot of Bengali has roots in different origins and languages – and vice versa!

6. It doesn’t discriminate, it’s gender-free! There aren’t any gender unique pronouns in Bangla, however it does have gender-unique phrases like actor and actress, and mother and father.

7. Technically, the very first Nobel Prize was won in Asia was for Bangla. The Nobel Prize winning Gitanjali, which was penned by the one and only Rabindranath Tagore, was originally written in Bangla. Later of course, this was translated for distribution purposes.

8. Study says, Bangla has far over 100,000 particular phrases and words! There are phrases all languages percentage with every other. Bangla borrows phrases from Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Sanskrit, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, French and English. All this borrowing, developing and deriving resulted to Bangla having extra than 100,000 particular phrases!

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