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Our top 8 facts about India

India is on the wish list of many travelers, and the reason is not mysterious! The diverse landscapes, colorful festivals and spicy food are enough for you to pack and visit Mumbai or Varanasi. Whether you have been to India before or are just fascinated by this country, here are some facts that may be of interest to you!

1. India is the wettest place to live on the planet

Meghalaya Village has won the Guinness Book of World Records for the wettest place on the planet, with an annual rainfall of approximately 11,873 milliliters. The monsoon season lasts six months, so be sure to bring an umbrella!

2. India has over 300,000 mosques and over 2 million Hindu temples

Get ready to be awed and amazed by all the stunning architecture India has to offer. About 15% of India’s population is Muslim. The mosques across the country range from small village buildings to immense famous ones, like the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad or the Jama Masjid in New Delhi.

The same can be said about India’s Hindu temples, which surpass two million to serve the 79.8% of India’s Hindu population.

Just the holy city of Varanasi has over 23,000 temples. It is safe to say India is the land of temples!

3. There is a rat temple in Rajasthan.

The animal wonders of India continues. Although rats may not be the first species you worship, there is a temple dedicated to rats in Rajasthan. Thousands of rats call this temple home, making it one of the most unique attractions in the country. Many pilgrims visit the temple through their own religious trips every year, so you must respect local customs when visiting.

4. You can drive on the highest passable road in the world.

The Ladakh Highway is more than 19,300 feet above sea level and is the highest passable road in the world. Before embarking on this special adventure, be sure to bring a warm jacket!

5. India has a mysterious skeleton lake.

The location of Mysterious Skull Lake Roopkund, a glacial lake about 16,470 feet in the Himalayas, is famous for the human skeletons found in and around the lake. These skeletons are believed to be the remains of people who died in the 9th century. During a large hail storm.

6. The popular game “Snakes and Ladders” originated in India.

Now sold all over the world (sometimes called “shooting and ladders”), this board game originated in India. It was originally designed to teach moral and karmic lessons in a way that young children can understand and remember.

7. India was the first country to mine diamonds in the 4th century BC.

For about 1000 years, India was the only source of diamonds in the world. The original diamond was found in the Krishna Delta. In the 18th century, more diamond deposits were discovered in Brazil, and soon more diamond deposits were discovered in South Africa, which were added to the diamond market.

8.There are 22 recognized languages ​​in India.

The many languages ​​spoken in India include Santali, Kashmiri, Bengali, Tamil and Urdu. However, the official languages ​​are English and Hindi. India also has the second largest English-speaking population (the first is the United States), because most Indians speak their own regional languages ​​and also speak English to facilitate communication. The oldest language in the world, “the mother of all languages”. All Hindu books are written in Sanskrit, which is said to be the language of demigods.