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Our Top 8 Facts about the Punjab!

It’s your favourite time of the week again – Sunday!

Let’s kick it all off – with facts!

1. What does Punjab mean? The meaning of Punjab is actually created out of two Persion words. First, Panj, which means Five. And then finally, Aab, meaning water. Punjab translates to Land of the Five Rivers.

2. Punjab is also known as the birthplace of Sikhism. The tranquil religion which was founded by Guru Nanak in Punjab during the 16th Century! Quite some time ago!

3. The Punjab Jawaans are people from Punjab which have unwavering patriotism and have a high contribution to the Indian Army! Consisting and creating half of the forces of India!

4. Punjab was actually the first state to have president rule imposed! Go figure!

5. There’s 100% road connectivity in India with all villages connected to roads! A beauty if you’re into biking on fairly even concrete!

6. Haryana And Himachal were also part of the Punjab state once upon a time.

7. Funnily enough, Punjab is actually a major steel manufacturer! With plants in Mandi Gobindgarh, popularly known referred affectionately to the steel town.

8. Finally, Punjab is also a major producer of essential crops! Sometimes it’s referred to India’s Bread Basket. The soil of Punjab is extremely fertile. Major crops are grown in Punjab such as rice, wheat, etc which is how it earned the previous name!