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Brit Asian

A selection of interviews with Brit Asian personalities.

Amar Akbar and Tony
Nat Bollywood chats to the producers of Amar, Akbar and Tony at its film premiere in London.

Apache Indian
In the Drivetime show Missri chats to Apache Indian about his comeback to the UK music scene.

Bups Saggu
Nikki Kaur talked to Bups Saggu on Unity 101 Radio Drive Time programme on Wednesday 15th July 2015 about new song Miss Kaur.

In the Drivetime show Nat Bollywood spoke to DJ Dips about his new single with Roach Killa, Kaun Nachdi.

Dr Pankaj Sharma: Stroke – FAST
Missri speaks to Dr Pankaj Sharma about the health and strokes, plus about how people lives can be saved by having an understanding of how to react FAST.

Faze Black
In the Drivetime show Missri chats to singer/songwriter/producer, Faze Black, about his new single Meri Jaan. Independently released, it quickly became an underground anthem that fused Asian and Western musical styles.

Jr Dread
Ram Kalyan Kelly spoke to Jr Dread. Having grown up in the multicultural areas around Birmingham, from a young age Jr Dread was exposed to all forms of cultural music, mostly the sounds of Reggae from the Afro-Caribbean community and Bhangra/Hindi from the Asian community.

Manaj Rather
Nikki Sweet chats to Manaj Rather about his 2nd book Filthy Rich, an autobiography about how he became rich as a property developer, published by Lions Hudson.

In the Drivetime show Ram Kalyan Kelly speaks to upcoming star Naamless about his journey in the industry and his upcoming tracks.

Navin Kundra
In the Drivetime show Nat Bollywood spoke to singer and musician Navin Kundra about his upcoming track Jind and his time in the Brit Asian music scene.

Niraj Chag
Ram Kalyan Kelly talked to Niraj Chag on Tuesday 26th about the jorney in making the new 14 track album Mud Doll as well the new single Rang Diya featuring vocal of Japjit Kaur. Niraj Chag is a London-based musical artist and composer. His musical style mixes Indian classical influences with contemporary styling’s and layered, complex beats

Rachanaa Jain
Nat Bollywood spoke to Rachanaa Jain is the Founder of Devine Messages Ltd and author of debut book about her book Awake your Dreams. ”Awake your Dreams, Stop Procrastinating! Start Achieving! She specializes in reading, healing and teaching people and helps them identify their true potential to turn their dreams into reality.

Raj Ghai
Missri chats to Raj Ghai about hosting his new TV show, Desi Beats, on Colours television.

Rishi Rich
In the Drivetime show Nat Bollywood spoke to Rishi Rich about his music journey and his soundtrack for the movie Amar, Akbar and Tony.

Sheeba Khan
In the Drivetime show Missri chats to singer Sheeba Khan about her reggae influenced track Pagal Jiya and her collaboration with Apache Indian.

Sukhi Sivia
In the Drivetime show Missri chats to Sukhi Sivia.

Sunny Hayre
In the Drivetime show Nikki Kaur chats to singer and musician Sunny Hayre about his upcoming music and the Brit Asian music scene.

The Jujj
In the Drivetime show Ram Kalyan Kelly speaks to The Jujj about his brand new single, Bakvaas.

In the Drivetime show Nat Bollywood spoke to Tymore about his new track, High Profile.

Zora Randhwa
In the Drivetime show Ram Kalyan Kelly speaks to Punjabi singer, writer and musician Zora Randhawa about his New single Inch.

Manni Sandhu
In the Drive time show Nikki Kaur chated to singer/songwriter/producer, Manni Sandhu is a U.K based Music Director. He is most known for working with a number of Punjabi singers such as Manak-E, The Late Kaka Bhaniawala, Bakshi Billa, Prabh Gill,Lehmber Hussainpuri and many more. His latest album is call Welcome to the future. Listen the interview below