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Food and Fun at Unity 101

Food and Fun at Unity 101

Unity 101 office transformed into a “little restaurant”

Unity 101‘s diverse range of volunteers shared a diverse range of foods at a Bring A Dish afternoon.

For the presenters, with their differing programme schedules, it was a rare opportunity to get together in a socialsetting.

Saturday Sport presenter, Adrian Scott, said: “It should be like this every Saturday! The food was lovely and it was a pleasure to taste real homemade Indian food.

“And it was nice to meet other presenters and to see the faces behind the voices.”

Manjula Masters, Unity 101‘s oldest presenter, said: “It was nice to meet the new volunteers who’ve joined us recently.

The food was fantastic. It looked like a little restaurant here. I brought Dhokla, a steamed Indian cake, made of semolina and chick flour.”

Manisha Shukla, said: “It was great to meet the people I’d heard on air, but not known by face.

“I brought Batata Pauva, puffed rice flakes, an Indian light bite. All the food was delicious!”

With the day being so much fun, Adrian may get his wish, as Station Manager, Ram Kalyan, plans to hold Bring A Dish every two months.