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From the radio to the TV studio

From the radio to the TV studio

Seven Unity 101 presenters were whisked into the exciting world of television news this week via a national initiative by the Creative Diversity Network to introduce people to careers in news and broadcasting. For #CDNOpenDay, ITV News Meridian in Whiteley gave the Unity 101 presenters a day to remember that, for most of them, confirmed their hopes of careers in journalism, whether behind or in front of the camera.

Unity 101’s Renata Bogus, Govind Chawla, Siontai Gordon, Andy Li, Saffron Mirza, Preeti Nayyar & Nimra Shahid spent an activity packed day learning about ITV News Meridian, how newsrooms work and about the diverse career opportunities, from programme producers to news reporters. They toured the studio, learned about the sound & lighting and got hands on behind the scenes, operating the mic boom and the camera.

And while the rest of us watched the Meridian’s 6pm live broadcast from our living rooms, the lucky seven watched it live from the production gallery, experiencing the buzz as the countdown to “on air” begun, watching the region’s favourite newsreaders Sangeeta Bhabra and Fred Dinenage in action on – and off – air.

And with excellent examples to follow, the team were given the opportunity to experience reading the news and presenting the weather themselves. With their mics wired up, autocue ready and cameras poised, they were ready for action. The #CDNOpenDay was a definitely a day the presenters will treasure, a day that has spurred them forward with their aims for careers in the media and journalism.

Said Sangeeta, “I remember how difficult it was walking into my first newsroom. They’re busy places and everyone was engrossed in doing something. It was the best feeling though and I knew instantly it was where I wanted to be. To give that opportunity to a new generation and to tell them how they could make a career in news or broadcasting was fantastic. The group from Unity 101 were fantastic. Watch out me and Fred Dinenage!”

With such a successful visit, ITV News Meridian and Unity 101 will be extending the opportunity to other Unity 101 presenters in the near future. Says Sangeeta, “We at ITV News Meridian have forged strong links with Unity 101 over the last 12 months and we are already working on our next visit from them!”