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Hands of Love 3

Our first Hands of Love highlighted BAME Merchant Navy seamen and emergency services. Hands of Love 2 celebrated the 70th anniversary of the NHS and the contributions of BAME staff. More than 1140 people attended our first event event in 2017. Around 1570 people attended our second event in 2018. We estimate over 2000 visitors and a footfall of 5000 people to share in Hands of Love 3 which will celebrate theart and cultures of eleven of Southampton’s communities. We aim to break down cultural barriers, tackle biases and stereotypes, and create understanding and friendship as well as helping visitors to experience and immerse themselves in diverse art and cultures.

The Cultural Quarters is for everyone. We want to bring diverse communities to enjoy, share and experience the space for arts, song, dance, and culture in the heart of our city. Hands of Love events will help towards the bid for City of Southampton becoming the City of Culture in 2025.

The public will also get the opportunity to create their own art by learning how to draw, paint and make art together.

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