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Many Messages in Kavita’s & Roopesh’s Death

Many Messages in Kavita’s & Roopesh’s Death

I am deeply saddened with the loss of Kavita and Roopesh Nawarkhele who lost their lives in a tragic & traumatic accident. “My thoughts is with the rest of the family in India to the well being of their young daughter Ananya. A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. I will always remember Kavita‘s singing before every song and she had a unique way sitting and yet she produced and presented a superb radio show. She will be missed so much”. Ram Kalyan “Kelly





Tributes from some of the Unity 101 presenters

Shree Chaterjee – “May their souls rest in peace. Heart full of condolences to remaining family members. Hope this quote from Bhagvad Gita gives some solace to the grieving.

vaasaamsi jeernaani yathaa vihaaya navaani gr.hnaathi naro’ paraani thathaa sareeraani vihaaya jeernany-anyaani samyaathi navaani de’hi

“As a man casts off worn-out garments and puts on new ones, so the embodied soul casts off the worn-out body and enters other new ones.” (Bhagvad Gita) Jaya Radhe

Atiya, Mahmood, Mum and children Akhtar– “We met Kavita in December 2011, when she came to join our nursery school. She was a quiet, softly spoken, but very kind person. She was always smiling and positive in every situation. Kavita was always happy to share her ideas, as well as gain new skills. She was loved by everyone, children and adults alike, and quietly respected. Roopesh would come to pick Kavita up at the end of the day, and Ananya would be playing in our car park. They were such a lovely, caring family. Outside our work, Kavita and I kept in touch, and we were both pleased to be a part of the Unity 101 family.

I last saw Kavita at our Eastleigh Mela in July, when she came over to see me. We spoke, and she had a chat with our children too. She said that we would meet, when we both returned from holiday….sadly this is not to be. We are all praying for Ananya, and that God bless both Kavita and Roopesh, with a place in Heaven Ameen. We all miss you, but I will especially miss your friendship, and your smile”.

Manjula Master – “My sincere sympathy to their parents. They will be sorely missed from earth, but now they have gone to place where came from, it will be good place and be at peace, my prayers with you both always and their daughter for a full recovery”.

Kamla Sharma – “May god rests thei-r soles in peace and give their daughter strength to move on”

Kunal Anand and Family – “The best and nicest couple I have known in my life. Great human beings. I have lost a great friend in Roopesh. He was a doting father to Ananya and lived for her. A vacuum has been created in our life, which never be filled. Praying for their souls to rest in peace”.

Vandana Deshpande – “My association with Kavita and Roopesh was a very emotional one. I met them through a common friend. We were in the process of adopting our daughter and I was a bit nervous about how it would be. She invited me to meet an aunt of hers who came from the USA, and had adopted an older child from India. The strange thing was I didn’t know them personally and they didn’t have to help but they were that sort of special people who would go an extra mile to help other people. I pray for Ananya that she finds strength to deal with this horrific truth of her life. She was blessed with extraordinary parents. RIP kavita and Roopesh. Thanks for helping to make that life changing decision that made me mother”

Mandeep Singh -“Our thoughts are with you hope your soul rests in peace”

Poornima Pearson – “Although I didn’t know Kavita Nawarkhele And Roopesh Nawarkhele well I worked with her briefly and respected her as a colleague. As I have a young daughter like Kavita I feel very sad that her daughter will miss out on the beautiful and happy family life that she cannot now have”.

Ranjan Patel – “Your cheerful nature gentle voice, vivacious presenter who introduces song by singing and that uniqueness will be cherished by all Unity 101 listeners. Rest in peace”.

Sweta Somani – “We knew Kavita and Roopesh through unity 101 and Balvikas (in the temple). They were a lovely couple and it greatly saddens us that they are not among us anymore. May God give strength to their family and we pray for a speedy recovery for their daughter”.

Nazakat Azram – “On behalf of my family our prayers go out to their family. Can’t believe what has happened. Please give our deepest condolences. Very very sad news”.

Renata Bogus– “Kaviita & Roopesh It’s too hard to say goodbye when tears are running down from our eyes as the memories with both of had fly…There’s no way we can forget you, your work was your life here – you loved every day This place will be quiet without you…
We want to hear your voice again”.

Schedule of Remembrance for Roopesh and Kavita Nawarkhele at 5PM.
Sunday 7th September 2014. Vedic Society Community Hall,
79-195 Radcliffe Rd, Southampton SO14 0PS

The programme will be led by Adesh Joshi, Family friend and Unity 101 Radio Volunteers

5:00: PM – Assemble and settle down
5:10: PM – Start by the Bhajan (Satish Tanna, Temple group)
5:15: PM – Introduction, offering of flowers, Light the diya by children of family friends and 1 minute silence
5:20: PM – Reading from Geeta by Mr. or Mrs. Belgee
5:30: PM – Reading from Quran by Abedali Khalil
5:40: PM – Reading from Guru Granth Saheb by Harjinder Singh Virdee
5:50: PM- Reading from Bible by Mr. or Mrs. D’souza
6:00: PM – Introduction to the speakers – Adesh Joshi
6:05: PM – Family Friend: Kunal Anand
6:10: PM – Representative from Vedic Temple and Balvikas Group: Tikubhai
6:15: PM – Roopesh’s Manager: Louise Drury, Principal Officer, Southampton City Council
6:20: PM – Roopesh and Kavita Nawarkhele neighbour from the same block of flats: Shula
6:25: PM – Message from Roopesh’s College mates in India read by Ostin Rodrigues
6:30: PM – Head-teacher from Anannya’s school (Bittrene Manor Primary School) – Suzanne Hayward
6:35: PM – Station Manager, Unity 101 – Ram Kalyan Kelly
6:40: PM – Alison Elliott, People Director, Southampton City Council
6:45: PM Councillor Mark Chaloner – In charge of Children’s Services Southampton City Council
6:50: PM – Reading from immediate family members about their gratitude & Anannya’s health: Khamkars
7:00: PM – Prayer by the Temple priest – Rakesh Bhatt
7:10: PM – Finish

There will be a condolence book kept at the entrance for attendees to share their thoughts.
All are welcome to pay their respects