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Akanksha Julka

Akanksha’s love for soulful music and deep desire to make a difference in the lives of people she connects with brought her to Unity 101 back in 2008.

Akanksha hosts the Friday 12 to 2 Programme every other week. Even though this slot primarily focuses on Bollywood topics, Akanksha tries to mould-in our life’s experiences with each topic, thus making her conversations with the audience deep and meaningful with a twist of fun and laughter included!

Amongst a busy schedule of working full time in the Telecommunications industry, Akanksha loves to spend these 2 special hours at Unity 101 where she can reach out and spread some happiness in this beautiful world in her own little way.

Akanksha is a great believer in finding happiness within your own self and being spiritually connected to this wonderful life – within and in all relationships we make.