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Atiya Akhtar

Atiya presents a drive time show between 4-6pm which tends to be a busy show. She plays a rich variety of music in her show which includes Bollywood, Brit Asian, Punjabi and Pakistani. She connects with agencies who wish to share their information with the listeners, live on air. She also interviews guests in the studio, along with updating her listeners with the latest news on weather, traffic, business, entertainment and sports. In her own words “I love contributing to the Community. I feel that it is my privilege to be part of Unity 101”.

Atiya has been enjoying living in Southampton for almost 28 years. She finds it a beautiful, peaceful, and a multicultural city which is located on the South Coast. She feels Southampton is a great place to live in as it is close to the sea at Bournemouth, shopping at Portsmouth and about few hours from London. The world beyond London Heathrow is only few hours away by flight.
In terms of food, she loves Papri chaat the most.