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Ram Kalyan “Kelly”

Vibrant Vibes
Covering the latest news, views and events from Southampton’s vibrant black communities. Got an African or Caribbean event? Follow us […]

Traditions and Cultures

Mandeep Singh
Every Wednesday evening from 6pm-8pm, the sweet sounds of the Punjab flow across Southampton’s airwaves. In the programme, “Sur Punjab […]

Chayer Adda

Layla Sana Khawaja
Dr Layla Sana broadcasts 2-hour radio programme showcasing Urdu poetry, young peoples’ interests, celebrity gossips and musical significance of Pakistan […]

Chhaya Karoda
Chayya is a volunteer who presents shows in Hindi. Her show consists of reviews of latest technology and discussions as […]

Sandhya Banerjee

Mehree Malik

Sports Show
Adrian,  Afzul and Micky  host Saturday Sports, covering the latest local, national and international sport. Reviews, analyses.

Under the Same Sky
Hello from the under the same sky team presenting their radio show every Monday 6pm to 8pm

Nisha Rajguru