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Raja Waqas

Raja waqas has been a presenter at Unity 101 for the past 10 Years and currently presents a show every Friday between 10am-12pm, in which he provides lots of information’s, tips, and includes discussions on good topics along with superb music.

Since his first day, he has treated his volunteering experience at Unity 101 with lot of care and pride, finding regular time out from his busy personal life to present wonderful shows. He really enjoys playing music requested by his listeners and in his own words “I have really enjoyed my time with Unity101, I feel very special when I play someone’s request or dedication and I think that I am one of the luckiest person who can be the reason of happiness for our listeners. Unity 101 is a platform where I have learned so many skills and found myself a totally different person, happier than ever before”.

Raja’s also enjoys bird keeping as a hobby, and his collections of birds include many Budgies (Australian Parrots), Love birds, Cockatiels, Rosella and finches. He is also into photography and gardening, raising more than 50 different plants. However, his favourite are roses.