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Peace Walk

Peace Walk

19th Southampton Peace Walk

The 19th Annual Peace Walk tool place today with over 200 people from all faiths joined in the walk for a tour around the places of worship in the Southampton city.
Everyone was welcomed to join us for an interesting and informative visit.
12.00 Meet at The Peace Fountain
12.30 Leave Peace Fountain
12.45 Arrive Synagogue
13.30 Leave Synagogue
13.45 Arrive Nanaksar Gurdwara (meal)
14.45 leave Nanaksar
15.00 Arrive Medina Mosque
15.45 Leave Medina Mosque
16.15 arrive St Mary’s Church
17.00 finish.
Ram Kalyan Kelly the project and station manager of Unity 101 Radio also attended as he has done for the past seven years. Many people said with all the ups and downs in the world it is even more important to live share and understand each other’s faiths in the world we live in.