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Unity 101 13th Years Old

Unity 101 13th Years Old

By the community, for the community, and to the community.

On this day in history, 13 years ago, Unity 101 Community Radio opened its doors and airways on 101.1 FM for the first time. Back then, Unity 101 had dreams, aspirations, and goals to unite the community and create cohesion and friendship among the people. No matter their background or colour or faoth or whatever else.
Today is our 13th birthday, and this year we have achieved so much.

Kal Aaj Aur Kal musically Play
This was our first musical, produced by Unity 101 Community Radio station. The performance took place at Nuffield Southampton Theatres (NST) on Above Bar Street. 60 volunteers and professionals were involved in this play. All of them contributed to its overwhelming success; with over 795 attendees, over two performances.
Audience members and participants took to social media – in their hundreds – to praise Kal Aaj Aur Kal. Attendees said the show was brilliant, breathtaking, and praised actors, singers, dancers as well as costumes and the whole team who worked on the show.

Unity 101 Football Club
Unity 101 FC 2017/18 champions in the City of Southampton Sunday football league were promoted a remarkable three divisions. They are sponsored by the Police and Crime Commissioner of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight as well as RM Legal Solicitors, with support from Cantell School.

Derby Run 2018/2019
Our first Derby Run event – where residents from Newtown/Nicholstown ran, jogged and walked down a completely empty and very clean Derby Road, in Southampton.

Hands of Love 2018
The second Hands of Love event was held at the Guildhall Square, which celebrated 70 years of NHS. With hundreds of people attending and celebrating with us.

Unity Arts Hub
Unity Arts hub, which is situated at the front of our studio, dedicated the entire space to the men and women from around the world who have dedicated their skills and time to work within the NHS, to keep us healthy and happy.

Our motto will always be the same. By the community, for the community, and to the community. Thank you for celebrating our 13th year with us, and thank you for continuing to support Unity 101 We are family