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Unity Arts Gallery – Sarah-Kate Hemmatpour

Unity Arts Gallery are proud to announce Sarah-Kate Hemmatpour’s art collection, which is viewable everyday from 10am to 7pm for the next two weeks.

Sarah-Kate is an English painter, visual artist and poet. Born in Winchester she was brought up in Southampton where she currently lives with her husband Farid. Starting her work with abstract acrylic and mixed media, she has recently been working on visual arts in the form of videos and structures. She has been influenced by Lynn Drexler, Monir Farmanfarmaian, Jackson Pollock, Tracy Emin, Frida Khalo and Marjan Hashemi. Being self taught she has been at liberty to freely explore art in its forms without preconceptions.

Her technique is constantly evolving as she explores life and the universe as seen through art. Her themes follow this style of discovery and many of her artworks are based on nature, emotions, the universe itself. Heavily seasoned with the realism’s of today’s life as seen by an unfiltered and heightened view of external stimuli. ‘Sarah is fascinated by the relationship between art and prose and it’s power to heal the emotionally scarred. Her bold use of colour draws the eye and the powerful works demand consideration as you reach into the depths of the emotions that formed them.’ Ali Beckett, Graphics Designer She has a unique, eclectic style, guided by her heart, courage and honesty which shines through. The texture and colour of each piece tells a different story. It’s like you are seeing a sliver of an infinite expanse. Her intensely expressive style is thought provoking.

Having grown up in a musical family she was introduced to the arts in general at a very early age. Yet was left to find her own creative journey dabbling in whatever inspired her mind.

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