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Vaada Faramosh

Vaada Faramosh

Vaada Faramosh, over four episodes, a new radio drama commissioned by Unity 101, written by Faisal Javed Khayal with cast members made of Unity 101 presenters, goes live on Sunday 14th February at 8pm and every Sunday and repeated every Thursday at 3pm.

Vaada Faramosh is based on Emotions, where it scores is as something else: a romantic drama that presents us with one of the most likeable father and daughter relationship story. Family ties are full of knots. Family matters are at the core of “Vaada Faramosh” moreover loosely based on Varsha liaison with Anmol. A romantic young poet Anmol (Shair e Azam of university) gives his most appealing performance who has the bad fortune to fall in love, he meets a young girl Varsha, a lady who reciprocates her feelings and their fling blossoms into an enduring affair,….. they want to become life partners but eventually the arrangement goes astray, bringing disappointment and heartbreak but it is not the end.

A group of friends play a vital role in this story. They are going to start their practical life after university. But still they prefer their friends while they are doing the responsible duties of their lives. Every character has its own value. Some characters are seen as they are, and some are made by time. Roshni and khushi, are the characters who understand the feelings of their friends and they support them in their decision. Baba Jani (Father) is the evaluator of the emotional theme of the radio play in a magical way in view of his vast experience of his life.

Writer-director and actor Faisal Javed Khayal does a good job of making the rules of his universe sensibly transparent, and he is cleverly raised the risks from the characters’ emotional lives like surprise and suspense. He said “it is hardly a happy ending to a romantic love story for Varsha, she has been vindicated, following her failed relationship. Every woman is, of course, loves being told she is beautiful, and all the rest of it but life demands much more than what we think. Anmol helps her to feel comfortable in front of her father. This is a touching and passionate drama”.