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Youth 101 at The BBC

Youth 101 at The BBC

On Wednesday 14th August Unity 101 arranged for Saffron Mirza, Radhwanur Rahman, Govind Chawla all 17 years old three to attend the BBC in Southampton. Three of the six young people who presents their own two hour radio shows on Sundays from 4pm to 6pm, a show which features music and topics that effects and matters to young people. All six people have complete a 30 hour training in all aspects in radio broadcasting on Unity 101 . They met the BBC Radio Solent News Editor and acting Managing Chris Harris and head of HRLP BBC South TV Jason Horton.

“It was better than I thought it would be, I was amazed to learn how the radio studios where set out in a circle and there was 4 in one room” said Saffron. “Very in-depth tour, we were lucky enough to get to go into the TV Studios where South today is filmed” said Radhwanur, “it was awesome experience that gave me real insight into how Radio and TV works, when we went in, one of the camera men was there and he was happy to speak to us and told all about his experiences in the industry and working at BBC.” said Govind.

Throughout the whole tour, Jason and Chris were happy to answer all our questions about working within the BBC and how they made their own way in. Thank you BBC.